Danielle Murray is a freelance photographer and videography based out of Los Angeles. She works as a full production from setup to shooting and editing.

When it comes to photography, every project she undertakes come together to create a visual story. The collection of the work creates an overarching narrative formed by each individual photograph. Danielle prefers to work with natural light, letting a location or building speak for itself.

Her roster of clients include Poketo, Leahlani Skincare, Blogilates, Same Side, and Allison Kunath.

Danielle has a BA in History of Art and Visual Culture from UC Santa Cruz and has worked previously in Post Production as both a Flame Assistant and Assistant Editor. She loves polar bears, the ancient Maya, and beer.

Proficient in:

Premiere; Lightroom; Photoshop; Indesign; Illustrator; Final Cut Pro; Premiere; Shotgun