Alighieri Spec Shoot

In The Inferno Dante encounters Satan as a half beast, frozen in the 9th circle: I want to blur the boundaries of the dark inferno and the beauty of art to create a photo series that plays with the theme of a frozen wasteland and allows the jewelry to transcend, like Dante, to a higher plane.

I propose using ice not as an actual representation of Satan but as a representation of the struggle that dreamers and artists must break through as they create. The soft light shining through the cracks of the ice combined with the flowers- a symbol of beauty, growth, and the ephemerality of life- create a surreal tone that highlights the idea that the ‘line between reality and dreaming is often blurred’ (from Lost Dreamer’s Collection). 

I would both incorporate the jewelry straight into the ice (frozen) as well as positioned in front of and hanging off of the ice. The work would then be shot with a 35mm Contax Camera on Ektar 100 and scanned at high resolution.